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I jula var vi s heldige f besk av to amerikanere fra "hjemplassen" vr i Grand Forks, USA. De norsk-tta guttene gledet seg veldig til f oppleve det norske landskapet, og ikke minst norsk (trndersk) kultur.
Publisert 6.2.2009 av Gregg
Vi kunne se p gutta at turen hadde vrt srdeles lang over Atlanteren, men selv om de var slitne etter mye reising uten svn sprudlet de av energi da de kom ut av flyet. Etter en rask tur innom butikken for skaffe forfriskninger, begynte vi bilturen hjem.

P tur til Nry var det som se to gutter som ser verden for frste gang; fjell, daler, sj, og bakker over alt, en absolutt motsetning til Nord Dakota.

De ble godt tatt i mot av venner og familie i Nry noe som hjalp til gjre turen til en uforglemmelig opplevelse for begge to, og jeg vil tro at de ga litt ekstra krydder til vr vanlige julefeiring.

I Nry fikk de feire julaften n dag tidligere enn de vanligvis ville gjort hjemme i USA, og de fikk prve seg som julenisser og smake norsk julemat.

Kade og Kyle var ogs vitner til at Storkanonan for frste gang seiret i Ribbecupen (lucky charms?).

De har lovet komme over igjen til sommeren og blir da forhpentligvis til etter Tmmerfestivalen.

Kade`s reisebrev om hvordan han opplevde Nry:

Holidays in Norway

I'm going to need a 6-pack of Dahls and a few pouches of Monte Cristo to write this the way it was meant to be written. Unfortunately, we polished off the last of the beer New Years Eve and the snus disappeared on the long flight over the Atlantic. So here I am, stuck back in North Dakota with nothing to remind me of Norway but everything.

As I continue to search my memory for every detail of the trip I look around my bedroom. Bits and pieces of the journey are scattered everywhere. Of course, there is only room for two displays above the bed.
Number 1: A classic poster of Marilyn Monroe in all her beauty.
Next to her: An MX Sport T-shirt, proudly bearing the colors of Kolvereid. If you look around some more youll see a few empty tins of snus, a half-full bottle of Norwegian massage oil (for the ladies of course), a Brusletto coastal knife for myself, and a few other cheap souvenirs. Right! I can't forget the issue of VI MENN I have resting on my desk as I type. I'd use the old "I just have it because I like the articles" excuse, but I don't understand a single word in the thing. Personally, I enjoy the visual aspects of the magazine.

Speaking of visuals, the descent into Trondheim caught me off guard. I expected mountains and sea but I wasn't aware that I'd be spending the next couple weeks living amongst them. I guess you could say that North Dakota is slightly different.
By the way, it's only been about -20 to -30 degrees Fahrenheit here for the last couple weeks.
"Break out the swim trunks dude!"
In all actuality, one of the only things keeping me positive is looking forward to this summer, when we make our return to the land of the midnight sun. It's going to be yet another great experience seeing Norway in a different light. Although, I'm convinced that nothing can compare to the first time.

How can I forget the first time I actually sat through more than one game of soccer... Oh, oh, sorry... futbol. Just kidding guys.
That Christmas party in Kolvereid was a good time, but I have to admit, the night the gang took the championship was one I'll have trouble forgetting, despite how pissed some of us ended up. I have faint memories of wondering Rorvik, but they're solid memories... just hilarious, good'ol times. I guess that brings us to New Years.

New Years was fantastic, but difficult at the same time. This would be the last night with new friends. What can I say; we made the most of it.
This was definitely one of the most enjoyable ways to welcome 2009 that I could have imagined. However, there was one disappointment. The attempt to play beer pong failed miserably due to cups that were roughly the same size as the ball (simply makes no sense). I have decided to make it a personal goal of mine to get a quality game of pong in the works for next time.

Alright, all jokes aside, the trip was an amazing experience. My brother Kyle and I were able to visit Norway, apart from the tourist trail. We'll never forget the simple beauty of this country, and the way that reflects on the people who live there. All of you were outstanding hosts. I know because I'm still recovering from an overabundance of holiday food and drinks that I couldn't put down during my entire stay. The arteries are still clogged one month later. I couldn't wish for the experience to go any other way. My brother and I thank you all, including your families, for everything you made possible. Of course, we have to send a special thanks to Greger and Frank for the hook up. We owe you guys.

But for now, get that 6-pack of Dahls on ice and practice up on your pong skills... we'll see you this summer.


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How can we forget the night in rrvik? Crazy! And one flat tire...haha

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